Licensing Law

  Larry Schroepfer, Founder

  "Licensing Lawyer Blog"



"Larry is a skilled and
experienced lawyer who
excels at providing
negotiation and
transactional support
to business people in
intellectual property
and other commercial
law contexts."

Licensing Law


Welcome to Schroepfer Technology Law

Schroepfer Technology Law is a law practice concentrating in
licensing and other technology and intellectual property transactions.

The practice focuses on analyzing, structuring, negotiating and
closing a wide range of licenses and other technology agreements.

A Wealth of Experience:

Our principal, Larry Schroepfer, has over two decades' experience
in technology and intellectual property law.   He is a recognized
thought leader in the field, and brings to his practice a wealth
of experience, coupled with seasoned business and legal

Getting the Deal Done:

Larry is a creative problem solver who seeks to understand each
party's needs and craft win-win solutions. Because he spent most
of his career in-house, he has a strong business orientation and
practical skillset to know what it takes to get the deal done.


Unparalleled Value:

By design, Schroepfer Technology Law operates with extremely
low overhead. We can offer the service of a seasoned, experienced
lawyer at a fraction of what it would cost with most firms, and
with unparalleled responsiveness.

We look forward to working with you!